• Financial and statutory audits.

• Social Security, INFONAVIT and Local Code Audits.

• Translation of financial statements of the different functional currency to

Mexican Pesos.

• Due Diligence.

• Previously agreed procedures.

• Valuation of Business.

• Valuation of intangible.

Our audit approach is characterized by clear communication and expert and the punctual resolution of issues. We execute intelligent and robust audits through our systems and tools used by the audit team which will challenge the status quo and provides recommendations to improve control and compliance processes.

We believe that an audit is an opportunity to improve; This attitude is shared by our clients, many of whom choose to have an audit conducted by Baker Tilly, even when it is not a legal necessity.

Our Audit services are aimed at those who need to identify and mitigate the risks inherent in their activity, be it a private company or a government entity, to face the constant changes in the market and in the Regulations.


Our audit services respond to the highest quality standards.

In addition to financial audit services, we provide other assurance services that include:

  • Compliance reviews, legal and fiscal, report on the fiscal situation and social security and local contributions
  • Limited reviews and compilation of financial information
  • Application of previously agreed procedures
  • Internal audit and business acquisition services
  • Review of computer systems
  • Forensic Investigations

Special Audits
Review, analysis and opinion on particular cases that must meet the characteristic of accuracy and consistency in their information.

Public Account Audit
Strict review and analysis of operations establishing their reasonableness and transparency.

Audit: Local Contributions
Evaluation and analysis of the local application provisions around your organization.

Audit: Social Security and Infonavit
Review and opinion on the strict compliance with the regulations imposed on employers and their workers.

Audit Partner Director

C.P.C. Salvador Hernández Islas
Tel+52 (656) 623-2534