BPO Business Process Outsourcing

We collaborate with you to make your company's performance more efficient, providing personalized advice to increase the value of your organization, reduce costs in processes and design strategies that generate stability and profitability.

We provide strict administration and control over the application of fiscal and accounting standards in the operations of your organization, carefully monitoring your accounting and financial processes to ensure the accuracy, objectivity and integrity of the recorded financial information. With this we provide truthful and timely information for management decision making.


Our Accounting Services

  • Compensation and tax refunds
  • Accounting and management of accounting records
  • Conversion of Financial Statements in accordance with US-GAAP and IFRS
  • Debugging accounts
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of work papers and conciliations
  • Accounting Expertise and opinions of situations of accounting controversy,
    financial or tax
  • Regularization of accounting records
  • Supervision and accounting and tax advice
  • Other special works, physical inventories, accounts receivable, etc.
Administrative Support and Consulting

For those who seek to increase efficiency, reduce costs, continuous improvement and increase the services that generate profitability, we have a team of professionals in the field that work together with your organization and monitor your activities. We can also provide advice aimed at increasing your administrative efficiency, focused on designing integral solutions for your business. The goal is to capitalize on opportunities, generating greater income and competitive advantages.

Payroll Preparation

We handle the processing, management and administration of your payroll, including advice on compliance with social security, INFONAVIT and state payroll taxes. We have the ability to integrate into the processes and requirements of your organization.

Partner Director

CPC, MI, CPFI, Agustín Carlos Mendoza Pesquera
T: +52 (442) 183 1732 
T: +52 (33) 3823-8610